Case Studies

“Privately Held Business Succession Planning – A Crucial Process.” Case Study by Edward S. Rosenfeld, Journal of Retirement Planning, March-April 2008

Ed Rosenfeld discusses planning for business succession and the role of the most trusted advisor using positive conflict to bring change for the future benefit of the business and the business family.

Millions of Baby Boom entrepreneurs will want to retire over the next decade.  Almost 11,000 boomers turn 50 every day.  Privately-owned businesses are the main generator of personal wealth and employment in the US.  But unless the accounting and financial planning professions become better at helping owners of privately-owned businesses transition effectively many will be faced with poor choices when they retire. More…

“Inner City Housing, Family Business Planning Success Story: A Case Study.” Case Study by Edward S. Rosenfeld, Journal of Retirement Planning, November-December 2008

Ed Rosenfeld addresses family business planning issues suggesting critical team members that will help to move this planning forward. Family business is a unique planning specialty, which brings specialized training and experience to the planning process.

A key to successful transitioning of family-owned business is a collaborative relationship around the attorney, accountant, financial planner and other key advisors.  In some cases it is helpful to have one of the key advisors trained as a family business consultant or to bring a family business consultant in when goals are not clearly defined, there is conflict of the fear of conflict, or unexplained inertia.  The family business consultant understands, through training and experience, the complexities inherent in a family-owned business.  The consultant brings special skills in the process of change, which is crucial to succession planning. My experience is in family business consulting, management and financial planning.  Depending upon which professional is leading the planning team, my role in the transaction varies. More…