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Transition Planning

Succession Planning Problems arise because all matters pertaining to the business get mixed up in the overlapping areas. Individuals play multiple roles but mix them inappropriately or lack awareness of how to separate the issues. It is in these overlap areas that confusion reigns. It is crucial to clearly identify where issues stem from and [&hellip

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SUCCESSION PLANNING: The often-knotty problems of family businesses trying to stay that way

Quote by Edward S. Rosenfeld: Management Versus Ownership Edward S. Rosenfeld, a family business consultant in New York City, says that an increasingly common issue in succession plans these days is working out the differences between the management and ownership of family businesses as they make a transition. As successive generations produce more family members [&hellip

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Planning for Successful Transitions and Growth: A Symposium for Closely-Held Manufacturers

Title: Planning for Successful Transitions and Growth Location: Blank & Rome LLP The Chrysler Building 405 Lexington Avenue New York, NY Link out: Description: A Symposium for Closely-Held Manufacturers Topics and Workshops: >Maximize the value of your business. >Select and develop the people you need to lead your business >Manage change so conflict is [&hellip

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