Volume 1, Issue 1 – “How Long Do You Plan to Travel the Business Highway?”

Volume 2, Issue 1 – “So You Love to Drive in the Fast Lane?”

Volume 2, Issue 2- “Transitioning the Intangible Assets.”

Volume 2, Issue 3- “My Dad Can’t Let Go.”

Volume 2, Issue 4- “Why Have a Compensation Policy?”

Volume 3, Issue 1 – “Ensure You Have a Choice.”

Volume 3, Issue 2 – “Go Beyond Dreams.”

Volume 3, Issue 3- “Not Interested in Retiring?”

Volume 3, Issue 4- “Why Formalize the Business?”

Volume 4, Issue 1 – “Managing Change is Key to Success.”

Volume 4, Issue 2 – “A Vision or a Dream?”

Volume 4, Issue 3- “Building the Foundation.”

Volume 4, Issue 4- “Perception is Reality.”

Volume 5, Issue 1- “When Family and Business Overlap.”

Volume 5, Issue 2- “Avoiding Collisions on the Family Business Highway.”

Volume 5, Issue 3- “The Family Charter and Governance.”

Volume 5, Issue 4- “Know Where You Are Going.”

Volume 6, Issue 1-“Beware the Golden Handcuffs.”

Volume 6, Issue 2-“Consider Both Sides of the Coin: Advisory Boards.”

Volume 6, Issue 3-“The Day Before Thanksgiving: Family Councils.”

Volume 6, Issue 4-“Please Pass the Potatoes: Five Steps to Successful Collaboration.”

Volume 7, Issue 1- “Managing the Seven Dwarfs: Running Effective Meetings.”

Volume 7, Issue 2- “When Business Owners Put the Cart Before the Horse.”

Volume 7, Issue 3-“What Keeps You Awake at Night?”

Volume 7 Issue 4- “Teaching Kids to Drive”

Volume 8, Issue 1-“You Can’t Cruise Forever”

Volume 8 Issue 2- “The Entrepreneurs’s Fantasy”…Will your Business be Worth What you Need when you are Ready to Exit?

Volume 8 Issue 3- “Let the Games Begin”…Identifying and Enhancing Business Value Drivers

Volume 8 Issue 4- “Add Another Perspective” …The Power of an Advisory Board and Using a Project Manager

Volume 9 Issue 1- “Waving the Flag”…Supporting an Effective Business Culture

Volume 9 Issue 2- “Portray the Best Picture”…The Importance of Restating your Financials when Valuing a Business for Sale

Volume 9 Issue 3- “Harvesting a Bumper Crop”… Cultivating Both Internal and External Buyers

Volume 9 Issue 4-“It’s OK to Drive in the Middle Lane“… Keep Your Exit Options Open

Volume 10 Issue 1-“Once Upon a Time“… Creating a Strategic Growth Plan

Volume 10 Issue 2- “Managing the Best by Date”… Innovation the Key to Long-Term Value and Choice

Volume 10 Issue 3- “The Midnight Hour“….Value of an Experienced Business Transition Advisor

Volume 10 Issue 4-“Prepare for a Bigger Tsunami“… Post Liquidity Event Maintaining Wealth and Sustaining Values

Volume 11 Issue 1- “Where is North?“… Defining your Principals Around Transitioning Wealth

Volume 11 Issue 2- “The Fisherman’s Philosophy“… What is your Philosophy for Transitioning Wealth?

Volume 11 Issue 3- “A Stick or a Bundle?“…Active Participation leads to Alignment of Family Members

Volume 12 Issue 1- “Peace and Tranquility at the Cottage – Or Not?“… Proper Planning to Avoid Conflict

Volume 12 Issue 2-“Beyond the Obvious…Avoid Assumptions That Turn out to be False 





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