The Family Business Guide

Everything You Need to Know to Manage your Business from Legal Planning to Business Strategies

by Frederick D. Lipman

I recently heard Fred Lipman speak at Blank Rome and picked up his book.  It is a great summary of Family Business best and worst practices written from a very experienced and savvy attorney’s perspective.  I highly recommend it for both professional advisors and the layman especially those who want a legal perspective.  Unlike many attorneys, Fred is sensitive to not overly burdening an operating business with tax or legal driven strategies that affect the efficient operation of the business or hamstring future flexibility.

The book includes excellent and readable information in key areas-

  • Succession Planning
  • Employee and Shareholder Agreements
  • Governance for Small Business
  • Worst Practices and Disasters for the Family Business
  • Compensating Family Members
  • Creating Phantom Stock Incentives for Both Family Members and Non-family Employees
  • Dealing with Inactive Minority Shareholders
  • Eliminating Minority Shareholders
  • Family Business in Distress
  • Selling a Family Owned Business
  • Preserving and Transferring Family Wealth
  • Family Business Going Public

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